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Attorney Endorsements

“I am very impressed with Peter Cianchetta and his credentials. I endorse this attorney.”

Gary S.

“I endorse Peter. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”

Michael W., Military Law Attorney

“I have worked with Peter and found he was thorough and professional in bankruptcy and family law. I do endorse this lawyer.”

Vincent W., Uncontested Divorce Attorney

“Mr. Cianchetta is a great advocate for his clients and a cordial opponent with other attorneys. He seeks the best resolution for some very difficult cases we all deal with in the family courts. I refer clients to him without hesitation.”

Evelyn C., Child Abuse Attorney

“Peter is excellent at his trade. He has offered me priceless advice! Great lawyer and colleague!”

Christopher F., Real Estate Attorney

“Peter thoroughly understands the intricacies of family law. I also find him to be very ethical in his zealous representation of his clients.”

Matthew R., Divorce and Separation Attorney