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How Do I Make My VA Compensation Claim More Successful?

Before filing your claim gather as much medical evidence as you could possibly could find. Do not rely on the Veteran’s Administration to obtain all of the evidence for you, even though they have a duty to assist, that does not mean they have to guarantee that they gather all the evidence that is available.

For example, you are filing a claim for sinusitis, you would gather all of the evidence such as a print out from your local pharmacy where you obtained medications, receipts for over-the-counter medications such as Flonase, Afrin, anti-histamine‘s. Additionally obtain doctors notes for every doctor visit you went to regarding your sinuses. Finally have your spouse or significant other, roommate or whomever knows about your sinus problems may even include coworkers, write “buddy letters “stating what they witnessed how often you had sinus infections anything that stands out in their mind regarding your sinus issues.

The most important thing in filing a claim is providing the VA with the evidence. If you provide them with enough evidence, they have to find your claim credible, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll decide in your favor. You can apply this example to every imaginable disability that one could be rated for.

If the VA has underrated your disability or denied your disability feel free to give us a call and we will evaluate your case for you at no charge to let you know if we can help you. There is never attorney fees until we win your claim.

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