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What Is The Most Important Thing To Do At A Compensation And Pension Exam?

Many people would think that being honest is the most important thing to do in a compensation and pension exam. Being truthful is very important, but the most key element is to bring someone to take notes during your exam. With someone there documenting what is being said and done, the C&P examiner is more likely to be forthright and honest as well.

Should I Have My Own Doctor Do A Compensation And Pension Examination?

Absolutely. If you work for a large company and you’re injured at work, who is more likely to give you a fair and accurate evaluation – your personal physician with whom you have established a medical history or a doctor you have never met, who is paid by the company that will have to compensate you? Just like with Worker’s Compensation, you have the right to have your own doctor examine you and provide the assessment to the department of Veterans Affairs.

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