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Types of VA Benefits

Types of VA Benefits

Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorney Helping Veterans Obtain Different Types of VA Benefits In Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Placer County, Solano County, Yolo County, and Throughout CA 

Working for the military presents many risks. The US Department of Veterans Affairs, therefore, operates a system through which veterans can receive benefits to help meet their needs when they suffer injuries in service that result in disabilities. If you were injured in the call of duty, you may be eligible for VA benefits. Get in touch with CIancetta and Associates to learn about the different types of VA benefits available and which ones you are eligible for. 

While the Veterans Association’s main purpose is to provide veterans with benefits, the rules and procedures that apply to making a claim for benefits are confusing for those that have never gone through the process. The team at Cianchetta and Associates is committed to representing veterans get the benefits they are entitled to. We offer free consultations and do not charge a fee for our services unless we win. We will provide you with guidance in pursuing your claim. 

Types of VA Benefits that the Attorneys at CIanchetta and Associates Can Help You Claim 

There are various types of VA benefits available for veterans that have suffered injuries that have caused disabilities while in the line of duty. The attorneys at Cianchetta and Associates have successfully recovered compensation on behalf of injured veterans by filing claims for: 

Veterans compensation benefits 

These disability benefits provide injured veterans with compensation for disabilities caused by injuries related to their service. These benefits take the form of monthly cash payments. In order to be eligible for these benefits, you must show: 

  • That you currently have a disability that has been diagnosed by a medical professional 
  • That the injury or disease that caused the disability occurred while you were in service 
  • That the injury is likely related to your military service 

The amount you receive as benefits will depend on the severity of your disabilities and whether you have dependents such as children, a spouse, or parents. You may also be eligible for additional compensation if your spouse is also deemed to require aid and assistance. 

Monthly disability benefits 

If you have suffered a disability related to your military service, you may be eligible to receive monthly benefits of up to $3100. These payments are based on the severity of your disability. The VA provides ratings for different injuries, diseases, and illnesses in 10 percent increments. 

If your spouse died in the line of service, you may also be entitled to these types of VA benefits. Spouses may also make a claim if their partners were totally disabled by a condition related to their service. 

Total disability based on individual unemployment (TDIU) 

If you have suffered a disability that is service-related and that prevents you from working, you may be eligible to receive TDIU. These benefits are available even for those whose conditions may not meet the requirements for a 100 percent disability rating. There are two issues that are considered when determining eligibility for these benefits: 

  • Whether the disability is related to your service 
  • Whether the disability prevents you from pursuing a substantially gainful occupation. 

The VA does not consider factors such as age or disabilities that are not related to your service. 

Pension Benefits 

These benefits are provided for veterans who have no or limited income. Surviving spouses may also be eligible for these benefits. However, you cannot receive this benefit if you are currently receiving other service-related compensation. If you are eligible for both programs, the VA will consider which benefits are greater and pay them. 

The pension benefit is a needs-based program. It is designed to support those veterans that are able to earn an income but not enough to support their families. The benefits are a supplement to their income. In this case, the injury need not be related to their service in the military. 

Contact Cianchetta and Associates to Discuss Your Eligibility for Different Types of VA Benefits with an Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorney 

If you or a loved one is a veteran that suffered an injury related to service in the military, you may be eligible for veterans benefits. Contact Cianchetta and Associates to take advantage of a free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. We will get you started on the path of obtaining the benefits that you are rightly yours and that you need. 

Our California VA lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable. We will look over the details of your case and help you understand the different types of VA benefits available so you can determine what benefits you are eligible for. We will guide you and represent you in the claims process and improve your chances of obtaining benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions about VA Benefits in California

Who can receive veterans benefits in California?

Veterans benefits are provided by the Veterans Administration. These benefits are designed to protect veterans that have suffered injuries that have resulted in disabilities. In order to apply for VA benefits, you must have served in the military and suffered an injury related to your service. This includes psychological trauma. The Veterans Administration provides benefits for both physical and mental impairments. You must also not have had a dishonorable discharge.

There are various other guidelines that apply to determine the eligibility of veterans for VA benefits. It is important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. The lawyers at Cianchetta and Associates are experienced in recovering VA benefits on behalf of injured veterans. We provide free case reviews for veterans. We will help you determine whether you qualify for these benefits and which types of VA benefits you are eligible to apply for. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with an attorney from our law firm.

I only served for a short while before being injured. Do I still qualify for VA benefits?

Yes. You can still apply for VA benefits even if your service in the military was brief. You are eligible for benefits if the injury that caused your disability is related to your service. However, it is vital that you consult with an experienced attorney to determine your eligibility.

We at Cianchetta and Associates are committed to helping those that have given their best to serve this country recover compensation for their injuries. We will guide you on what benefits you can apply for and walk you through the process of recovering your benefits. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help.


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