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California Will Attorney

California Will Attorney

Knowledgeable California Will Attorney Helps Clients and Families Plan and Execute Wills in Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Placer County, Solano County, Yolo County, and Throughout CA

When you have worked hard throughout your life to build up assets and wealth, you may want to pass those on to loved ones or to charitable causes. A will is one tool you can use to ensure that your estate is efficiently passed on according to your wishes after you are gone. A California will attorney from Cianchetta & Associates can help make sure that you have a valid, comprehensive will that reflects your estate planning goals and wishes.

Our firm is dedicated to providing you with quality legal representation with a personal approach. We know that every case and client is unique, which is why we put in the time to develop customized legal solutions that can help you pursue the best outcomes in your case. Our firm is here to provide you with the legal representation you need with your estate planning and other legal matters now and into the future through all of life’s changes. 

Make sure that the assets you leave behind after your death are passed on according to your wishes. Reach out to Cianchetta & Associates for a free initial case evaluation to speak with a California will attorney about what you may need in your will. 

What Does a Will Do?

An effective will should include certain elements such as:

  • Your personal information and information of your immediate family members
  • A description of your property and assets and how you want them distributed; you can leave specific items to specific people, or leave shares of your whole estate to beneficiaries
  • Identifying the beneficiaries under your will
  • Nominating an executor to handle carrying out the terms of your will
  • Nominating a guardian for your children should you and your children’s other parent both pass away while your children are still minors

How We Can Help You With a Will

At Cianchetta & Associates, a seasoned California will attorney can assist you with all kinds of matters involving wills, including:

  • Drafting a last will and testament, which is the document that states your wishes for how your assets are to be distributed following your death
  • Drafting a living will, which allows you to put in writing what end-of-life medical care decisions you want to be made in case you are incapacitated and cannot communicate your wishes yourself
  • Drafting letters of intent, in which you can provide details to family members regarding funeral and burial arrangements or inform your executor what you want to be done with particular assets or items
  • Reviewing and updating wills, as wills should be reviewed every five to 10 years or after major life events such as marriage, divorce, the birth of children or grandchildren, or a substantial change in your income or assets

A California Will Attorney from Our Firm Can Guide You Through Making a Will during the Estate Planning Process

When you’ve decided to write up a will, you may not know what needs to go into your will or how to execute a will so that it is valid and can be enforced following your death. Let an experienced California will attorney from Cianchetta & Associates take the confusion and stress out of the will drafting process by answering your questions and providing you with advice tailored to your circumstances and estate planning goals. You can expect our firm to:

  • Take the time to sit down with you to discuss your estate planning goals
  • Review your financial records to identify the assets in your estate so that you know what you are leaving behind in your will
  • Discuss estate planning options, including not only drafting a will but also other documents such as trusts, powers of attorney, guardianship, and beneficiary/pay-on-death/transfer-on-death designations
  • Ensure that your will is validly executed under California law so that it can be enforced after your death
  • Assist you with the review of your will at regular intervals or when you experience big life changes

Our firm will help you make sure that everything you’ve worked hard for throughout your life is distributed according to your wishes after you are gone. 

Contact Cianchetta & Associates for a Free Consultation to Discuss How Our Firm Can Make a Difference in Your Case

If you are considering drafting a will or amending your existing will, turn to our firm for experienced legal advice. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case review to learn more about your estate planning options when creating or amending your last will and testament. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Wills in California

What do you need to make a valid will?

Under California law, a will is considered valid if it is made by a testator who is at least 18 years old and signed by the testator. A will should also be signed during the testator’s lifetime by at least two witnesses who either witnessed the testator sign the will or witnessed the testator acknowledge their signature on the will, and who also understand that the document is the testator’s will. A will may also be considered valid as a holographic will – regardless of whether it is witnessed – if the material provisions of the will are handwritten by the testator.

What happens if we cannot find a family member’s will?

If you cannot find the original copy of a family member’s will, you may be entitled to probate a lost will. However, you will need to overcome the legal presumption that a will that has been lost was destroyed by the testator with the intent to revoke it. If you can prove the will was not revoked (for example, if you can prove that it was destroyed in a house fire), you can prove the terms of the will to be probated either through testimony or by using a photocopy of the will. If you cannot overcome the presumption that the will was revoked, then the decedent’s estate will pass under California intestacy laws.

What other important information should I know about wills and their related litigation matters?

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