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Client Testimonials

“Pete and crew are the best attorneys in Elk Grove. Very knowledgeable and I highly recommend them for your legal needs. He gets the job done.”

Christopher L.

“This wonderful man has treated myself and my husband like family. He has done SO much for us. I would give him 20 stars if I could. I recommend him and his law firm to any and everyone. Michelle is the absolute BEST!”

Melissa R.

“Only when the best will do! Peter is the best, he is always there when you need him. I have emailed him at 8:30 in the evening and before I can log off my computer I would have a reply. It’s almost like he’s always working, that’s the type of attorney he is, always there when you need him. His staff is the best if they don’t have the answer they’ll get it for you. Peter and his staff are more than 5 stars, there aren’t enough stars to describe him.”

David M.

“During a rough time in my life, Peter was there to comfort me and make sure everything will turn out ok. Peter took great care of all my needs and handle every matter with professional care. I would highly recommend Peter because he CARES. Your not a turn and burn case. Peter has followed up with me to make sure things are going smooth and on the right track. If you want a fresh start with an honest, upfront caring team… Peter Cianchetta should be and will be your only call. Thanks Peter for all your help getting me a fresh start.”

Dante M.

“Mr. Cianchetta is amazing!!! He and his office helped us with a family court issue, and not only was he competent & knowledgeable, but he also got RESULTS! If ever we require services in the future (by the grace of God we never run into any new issues!), we would definitely utilize Peter’s expertise.”

Kai R.

“Mr. Cianchetta is an OUTSTANDING attorney. I was a little nervous about seeing an attorney for my case. Mr. Cianchetta and his staff made my wife and I feel right at ease. He took extra time explaining what to expect before, during and after our process. His advice was right on! We never felt hurried when we met with Peter, and he always went out of his way to explain things in terms we understood, Mr. Cianchetta and his staff always returned our calls in a timely manner. If you’re looking for an attorney you can’t go wrong by giving Peter Cianchetta a call.”

Jack M.

“Peter Cianchetta is AMAZING!!! My divorce was more complicated than most and Peter was awesome. I never felt lost and he explained everything in ways that were easy to comprehend which is important when you are stressed to the max because of the issues that arise with Family Court, Custody and all the crazy things that come with divorce. Peter put me at ease and even when there were emergencies he and his office staff were awesome and made me feel at ease with the situation. They always return phone calls and keep you informed about your case. I highly recommend Peter !!”

Ashley T.

“Peter and his staff were wonderful! Very helpful and took the time to answer all of our questions!”

Suemi S.

“We have worked with Peter in the past, has always been easy to work with. Looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

Hilary D.

“I was really stressed out because of my failing business and really needed some advice from an attorney.\ I was searching online for an attorney and came across Peter’s website bankruptcyelkgrove.com. I found his website to be very simple and straight to the point so I gave his office a call. I explained to the receptionist my situation and she set an appointment for me to meet with Peter for a consultation. I was told to bring some pertinent documents so Peter can analyze rather bankruptcy is an option.

During my appointment with Peter, I explained my situation with him. I explained not only is my business failing but I had also been separated from my husband for 9 months and that a divorce is imminent. Peter analyzed my situation and he came up with a course of action that will help me get divorced and get my business bankrupted.

My experience with Peter had been amazing. Peter explained everything thoroughly and he is very compassionate to me and my situation. He helped me get what I wanted from my divorce and more. It had been an emotionally stressful situation having to deal with a failing marriage and business but Peter made a very stressful situation very simple. I highly recommend Peter’s services.”

Eva M.

“3 years ago I met Mr. Cianchetta as I was in a rather precarious situation where I might loose a lot of things including my home. He very thoroughly went over my options and constantly asked if I had any questions. He was very business like yet he understood my situation and showed the compassion of an old friend. I would certainly contact him again should I need legal assistance.”

Paul R.

“I am so fortunate that Peter just happened to be the attorney that I picked at random from the reviews here, and elsewhere. I’ve worked successfully, and for a number of different issues, with other attorneys, but weren’t impressed enough to go back to them when my elderly mother needed help with estate planning and loan consolidation.

Peter handled her issue with great tact and diplomacy. She is 82 years old, but lucid. A little deaf, a little slow, at times, but capable of understanding what is going on as long as it is explained to her clearly and slowly. I could not have asked for a better attorney than Peter when it came to interactions with my mother. For someone who is constantly on the move, doing twenty things at once, Peter is remarkable when it comes down to taking time to ensure that his clients understand fully what is being done and what they need to do. Don’t let Peter’s multitasking mislead you! This man can literally do ten or twelve things at once and do them all thoroughly and completely! I will admit it took a while for me to understand this 🙂 The guy doesn’t miss a thing, no matter how preoccupied with other things it may appear.

He was great with my mother’s case. In addition, I happened to mention, in passing, ongoing problems I was having with my former mortgage holder, despite reaching an agreement last year. Peter’s face actually lit up as I explained how my lender was leaving me in a very difficult situation, despite our previous agreement. I have since realized that, although Peter does not actually jump on a white horse and charge out to defend the poor and downtrodden, he has very little patience with entities who use their power to undermine agreements and to put their own onus of responsibility on the individual, assuming that the individual will not have the resources to fight them.

Between Peter and David, four different entities associated with the situation were called to order, and I ended up receiving every thing I requested — working on a contingency basis, no less. It has been my experience that attorneys acting on a contingency basis, are sometimes less likely to keep you as fully “in the loop” as their paying clients. This was not the case with Peter. I was informed of due dates and given heads up when these due dates had to be extended. I appreciate this courtesy more than I can say. Peter also went out of his way to ensure that I was not charged for items I could not pay while this case was being negotiated. I simply could not have asked for better representation, for either my mother or for myself, than I received from Peter.

So, like it or not, Peter, you are now our family attorney! Although I promise to wait at least a couple weeks before calling you with more questions 🙂 In all seriousness, you simply can’t do better than Peter, especially if you are a client with limited resources. He respects and works around that issue quicker, better, and more effectively than any other attorney I have ever dealt with.”

Jae J.

“Outstanding! I did a thorough search looking for a good, honest attorney that I could trust, looking at many reviews. I found Peter and made an appointment with him. The best decision and best attorney I’ve done business with in my entire life.”

James M.

“Peter does the job effectively. He is an honest, responsible, does his homework, ethical and forthright attorney (sounds like an oxymoron, but I know it isn’t) that will save one from spending needless thousands of dollars on attorneys. It’s not the per hour rate that really counts but the total overall price that really wins out. This is where Peter truly succeeds above and beyond many other attorneys, and of course, he is truly effective in his lawyering skills. I was the co-trustee involving my mother’s estate. My brother and sister were making somewhat skewed allegations to justify their jealousy. I was in need of an attorney.

Previous to him, I had another attorney that went through half of what Peter charged (billable hours) and didn’t accomplish anything, except of course take my money in a matter of months! There are a lot of latent shady attorneys. Not with Peter. The downsides, if there are any, is Peter isn’t always fully communicative in response to your emails and it takes a while to see results (this may be impatience on my part). Of course, you will PAY for complete, timely and very communicative emails/phone calls-if this is what you desire, see another attorney. He will ALWAYS communicate where it is vital. As to the process dragging on, this may be a result of the court, and again to get the process to go faster, you will pay and pay. To me, the final price was a very good price, a lot lower than what I expected! I got what I wanted and couldn’t be more happy with the results and the attorney’s role.”

Jeff M.

“My parents needed a lawyer, they were about to lose their home do to investing in a family business that went south. They we’re able to work out a settlement to keep there home. Thank God for Peter & his ability. My parent’s still own their home today.”

Donna M.

2nd to None

“I have and continue to recommend the services of attorney Cianchetta. He was equally engaged with me in my case. He entertained all of my suggestions and helped me to weigh the pros and cons of decisions made along the way. He kept me focused on the overall goal and helped me to not get caught up in the emotional aspects of my case so that good, solid and sound decisions most beneficial for the desired outcome of my case could be made. He was very insightful and brought things forward things I hadn’t even considered to my advantage. He is very knowledgeable, present and accessible. He was thoughtful and kept me informed every step of the way. If someone is in need of an attorney who knows what they are doing, will allow you to participate in the process and be there to answer your questions in a timely manner and will be fully engaged in fighting for a favorable outcome on your behalf, I strongly recommend attorney Cianchetta.”


Join a Winning Team

“Peter is a wonderful attorney to have on your side. He will present your case the way you need to achieve winning results.”


With Many Thanks

“When I made the initial call to Peter’s office – I was pleasantly surprised as he actually answered the phone – I had called on a homeowner’s association lien on my home – more specifically on a document I received that I did not understand and left me really scared and worried – Peter listened to what I had to say and immediately set an appointment for us to meet – He was friendly and put me at ease right away – after reviewing the document he explained that it was another person the HOA was looking for and to confirm – he made a call right then and there to the other law firm to make sure

And he was right – although the situation was not funny – after Peter got off of the phone we both were smiling and more at ease with the situation – he encouraged me to keep in touch and was open to me asking any and all questions to make sure I understood everything – I continued to stay in touch and Peter kindly answered all questions and concerns promptly.”

A Satisfied Client

Best in Town!

“Peter Cianchetta is the best attorney in town! He assisted me all the way through my bankruptcy. He never let me feel as if I was bothering him with my hundred questions. He was very informative and made me feel very comfortable throughout my whole case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of a good lawyer that knows what he’s doing and gets the job done!”


Great Lawyer in Elk Grove

“He helped me with a BK a few years ago and is still very helpful answering any questions I have about it. I have also spoken with him regarding family law and estate issues. He’s very patient and is willing to take the time it needs to explain everything to me so I can understand it. He’s also very quick to respond. I have already recommended him to many of my friends and family.”